Events that happen when we’re young, even those we think are small and insignificant can have a direct impact on how we feel and behave as adults! When working with children our focus is to work with them and teach them how to reach goals and solve problems. We look at how we can make positive change by providing them with tools and weekly goals, rather than focusing on past events.

We believe our success is owing to us not only focusing on the mental state and behaviours of the child, but also exploring and working on each area of your child’s life - mindset, family, schooling, nutrition, and physical activity. Looking into every aspect helps us customise a program that incorporates everything in unison, and identifies any shortfalls.


One of the greatest compliments we get from parents is how relaxed their children are with our coaching methods. We pride ourselves on working with the child by respecting what they say and putting value on their opinion. All this while providing a fun, interactive, and creative process.