One on one coaching - Customised support


Change your child's life with a customised 90 day program!

Our programs are designed to understand what is going on, where you & your child want to go, and developing customised strategies & actions to make that change!

What We Do?

We specialise in children suffering from mild depression and anxiety, behaviour and temperament concerns, major change or difficult situations, self-esteem, social media/gaming addiction, and goal setting. We offer child, teenager & family coaching.

Who We Are?

We are trained coaches who specialise in all aspects of a child's life! The founder Katerina Dominguez is a trained Strategic Intervention Coach, certified Relax Kids Coach and holds a Certificate in Child Psychology. She has been coaching for 15+ years.

Whats included - Our Method

  • Customised support One on one coaching 

  • 2 coaching sessions per month (6 in total)

  • Speak to your certified coach each week


Our Guarantee
You get to talk to your coach before committing to anything. In your free 30 minute session you will discuss how we can help and next steps to ensure we are the right fit for you. We guarantee that you will walk away from your first session with at least one action strategy!