Family Coaching


When working with a family we use a coaching method referred to as Strategic Intervention (SI).The emphasis of the therapy is not on the individual but on the social situation or structure. At Wings Wellness we offer mental health support for children.

The goals of strategic family therapy are to solve problems, achieve the family's goals, and ultimately, change an individual's dysfunctional or problematic behaviour.

Pioneered by Anthony Robbins, a world-renowned life coach, a Strategic Interventionist navigates a variety of scenarios ranging from individual problems to those of the family, the peer group, the organisation, and the larger social system.

The basis of SI is that individuals, relationships, families and communities can be directed toward positive change through the strategic planning of skillful interventions.

SI Coaching differs from other therapy in that a Strategic Interventionist works with the client’s current life to achieve the change they desire (rather than focus on the past). SI aims to develop a practical method for taking action in a strategic way, which sees clients getting things done while also fulfilling and elevating their human needs.

Having studied, followed and applied Anthony Robbins and his teachings for events throughout her adult life, Katerina - founder of Wings - has experienced firsthand its incredible power.