Each Relax Kids class takes children from a high energy to a low energy and encourages them to relax while developing their creativity and imagination. They support children’s mental and emotional well-being and give them tools to manage stress and be more resilient, calm and confident. 


Classes run for 60 minutes. Half of that time is focusing on high impact movement and games to release all their excess energy, which then allows us to move into breathing exercises, massage, affirmations and visualisations/relaxation.


Class information:

Classes are on every Wednesday and Thursday at 4:00pm to 5.00pm.

Payment is required at the start of the class.

Below are our Relax Kids Class products. Once you have decided on the best option for you, fill in the form with your details and you will receive an email from one of our team members to make your booking and provide you with class information.



60 minute Relax Kids Class - 8 Class Package with Active Kids Voucher

We are proud to be an approved Active Kids voucher provider for our Relax Kids Classes!

Each year families are eligible to receive two $100 vouchers for Active Kids.

60 minute Relax Kids Class - 10 week Term

Children can go on a different adventure each week from pirates to outer space to wizards. Our classes are fun, lively, creative and most importantly - relaxing.

60 minute Relax Kids Class - Single Class

We strongly believe, for your child to get the full benefits of Relax Kids classes the 8 week class package is recommended.  A single session is ideal for as a taster class.



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