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Wings Wellness Service Terms

Our Service

Wings Wellness is a Child Mental Health Service for children who are at risk of developing, or are experiencing mild to moderate emotional, mental health or behavioural difficulties. This could include; anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioural issues and issues related to upbringing and negative life experiences, such as family breakdown, grief, loss and trauma. 

We provide parents with support, coaching and action plans to help kids learn to overcome challenges and reach their full potential – at school and in life.

For many families and at certain times in a child’s life, it can be difficult to understand a child’s behaviour or emotions. Seeking help early and talking to someone about what is going on for your child can help you to learn valuable skills and strategies to help.


Parents, carers and guardians will be involved in the assessment and treatment sessions with their children; however our focus is on the child’s well-being.


We believe parents have a major influence on children’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. Parents have a huge role to play in helping create positive outcomes for kids! That’s why we place a strong emphasis on working together with one or both parents (even in separated families when possible) to achieve the best outcomes for everyone.

The Wings Wellness service is NOT suitable for children;

– Who have severe and persistent mental illness.

– Are managed by a state government mental health agency.

– Are seeking support for developmental disorders or require specific developmental assessments.

Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy and Fees

0-24 hours notice..................... Full Agreed Payable Fee

24-48 hours notice................... 50% of Agreed Payable Fee

If your cancelled or rescheduled appointment can be offered to another client prior to your initially scheduled appointment time, the above fees will not apply.

In ‘Medical Emergencies’, the fee may not apply if you provide written evidence from your medical practitioner (GP or treating Specialist Doctor) that you were unable to attend due to a medical emergency.

Please discuss any queries / concerns about Professional Fees, and the Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy with us.

Further note: For Monday cancellations, we require notice by 9.00am the Friday before that day; otherwise the full payable fee is due. In the event of a public holiday please notify us by 9.00am on the business day prior, otherwise the full payable fee is due.


At your appointment


Normal appointment sessions are approximately 50-55 minutes, with a 5-10 minutes break for note writing and record keeping. Understandably there are some circumstances where consultations run over time. We will endeavour to start all appointments promptly at the set time. We also request that you attend your appointments on time to ensure you receive your full consultation.




Accounts are to be paid on the day of consultation. This is vital for the continuation of services provided. Accounts are payable by cash, EFTPOS, and credit cards. A receipt is issued by email. If there are difficulties paying your account please talk to your practitioner so that they have an opportunity to assist you in a suitable arrangement.

Privacy Policy


Confidentiality of client details is respected and protected by Wings Wellness. We are bound by the legal requirements of National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. Your records are kept strictly confidential. No information is released about any client to anyone without the client’s permission.

Consent to contact associated health or educational professionals regarding your circumstances may be requested during the process. If we need to contact these professionals we will ask you to sign a consent form that allows the psychologist to contact them to gain background information.

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