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Managin stress
Image by Max van den Oetelaar

Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop
30th March 6-8pm & 20th May 2-4pm, 26th June 6-8pm

In 2020, the APA found that teenagers and young adults (GEN Z) were the country’s most stressed age demographic. Using the power of breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation we can learn to navigate anxiety and stress!

About the program
Our program incorporates a range of activities and exercises to help children, feel calm, safe, and reassured as they manage changes and navigate through uncertain times. They will learn simple stress management and mindfulness techniques that encourage mental and emotional health.

The 2-hour introductory workshop will include:

  • Understanding what fear and anxiety are.

  • What happens to our body, mind, and behaviour.

  • The importance of knowing how to breathe correctly.

  • Scientific-based evidence that Meditation & Mindfulness can help.

  • Simple steps to get started.


Who is the program for?

  • Any child who suffers from sleeping problems, anxiety, and stress

  • Ideal for ages 10-17.

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Screentime Management Workshop
23rd March & 15th May 6-8pm, 17th June 2-4pm

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About the program

Our program is designed to work with your child to understand the consequences and manage screen time use.


The 2-hour workshop will include:

· Understanding Screentime.

· The science behind screens - The brain, emotional and physiological.

· Find out if you are addicted?

· Is it all negative and are we doomed?

· Taking Control.

· Preparing for change.

· Changing the behaviour.


Who is the program for?

  • Any parent (or the child) thinking they are spending too much time on screens.

  • Screen time is a regular source of family arguments.

  • You have noticed unusual behaviour linked to excessive screen time.

  • Your child has trouble getting off screens when asked to stop.

  • Ideal for ages 8-17.

Image by S O C I A L . C U T

About the program

If you want your child to go through the school year with confidence, know exactly what they want to achieve and how to focus on it!

The 2-hour workshop will include:

  • Define what, how, and when

  • Identify and release any blocks

  • Understanding your values and what drives you

  • Getting committed and keeping accountable

  • Setting up time management

  • Learning how to manage stress and anxiety


Who is the program for?

  • High School, HSC, and Naplan Students

  • Any student struggling at school, lacking motivation, and having confusion about what they want to achieve.

  • Ideal for ages 8-17.

Goal Setting for Students Workshop
27th March 6-8pm, 6th May 2-4pm, 1st June 6-8pm

Goal setting
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