Child Coaching Empowers children!

Child Mental Health Coaching

Our mission is to transform your child to live their fullest and healthiest life. We provide them with the tools to manage any situation now and into adulthood.


Coaching is different from other therapies which tend to focus on past trauma to work on healing. We focus on moving forward, putting actions into place with the client and monitor actions to ensure results!


A Relax Kids class is designed to support mental and emotional well-being and give kids the tools to manage stress, be more resilient, calm and confident. It takes children from high energy movement and games, to stretching and breathing exercises, affirmations and relaxation.


Classes run weekly, for 1 hour. They are ideal for 5-10 year olds. We are an Active Kids Voucher Provider - Contact us to claim your $100!


WHY Coaching?

Studies show that around one in seven young Australians between the ages of 4-17 years experience a mental health condition.

It is often painful for parents to see their child in anguish and not know what to do next to help.


Child Coaching is different from other therapies which tend to treat mental health as an illness and focus on past trauma to work on healing. We focus on moving forward, putting actions into place with the client and monitor actions to ensure results!


At Wings Wellness we look at a solution based on all heath areas; mindset, environment, nutrition and physical activity. We then customise our solutions by working hand in hand with your family to identify and understand what is happening. 

Hi, I'm Katerina.

A mum, step mum, wife and child mental health coach.

I often wonder how different our lives would be if our parents invested in our mental well-being as much as they did in our academic success. 

Having experienced, first hand young men and women suffering from severe mental illness I began to explore why, why was it now so common?

What I found is most of the challenges occurred in childhood, and these young individuals did not have the tools to deal with these challenges. 

Subsequently, I established Wings Wellness Centre. A one stop shop, which specialise in all aspects of a child's mental health!


WHAT we do?

We specialise in children suffering from mild depression and anxiety, behaviour and temperament concerns, major change or difficult situation, self-esteem and goal setting. We offer child, teenager & family coaching.

Our Guarantee

You get to talk to your coach before committing to anything. In your free 30 minute session you will discuss how we can help and next steps to ensure we are the right fit for you. We guarantee that you will walk away from your first session with at least one action strategy!



Events that happen when we’re young, even those we think are small and insignificant can have a direct impact on how we feel and behave as adults!

When working with children we look at how we can make positive change by providing them with tools and weekly goals, rather than focusing on past events.


When working with a family we use a coaching method referred to as Strategic Intervention. The emphasis of the Family Coaching is not on the individual but on the social situation or structure. It aims to solve problems, achieve the family goals, and ultimately, change an individual's dysfunctional or problematic behaviour.


Our Coaching Program

runs for 90 days, with 2 coaching sessions per month. Both you and your child will have access to our certified coaches, Relax Kids classes and receive customised support. Wings Wellness is a registered activity provider for the NSW Government’s Active Kids program. Eligible families can access two $100 vouchers annually to use towards active recreation costs.


Relax Kids offers a unique system of relaxation and mindfulness that will help children decrease stress and anxiety, increase concentration, improve mental health, self-esteem and resilience.
Relax Kids classes incorporate movement, relaxation, stretching, peer or self-massage, breathing techniques and affirmations. 


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