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Transformative Therapy for Children:
Unlocking Their Potential for a Happy and Fulfilling Life!

Specialising In Children, Teenagers & Families

Learning to Manage Anxiety 

Reset Screen-time habits


Change & Difficult Situations

Set & Achieve Goals

Family Resolution

Remedy Challenging Behaviour

Building Confidence & Resilience


Welcome to my practice! I specialise in providing therapy services for children, teenagers, and families. With my help, we can work together to identify and resolve issues that are impacting your family and help you move forward toward healthier relationships. Let me help your family reach its full potential. Contact me today to learn more.

Behavioural Therapy Solutions


Child Therapy

Therapy Solutions

When working with my clients I customise which therapy or therapies we use to offer the best solution and hence work best to reach the desired, agreed outcome. 

  • Child Mental Health Coaching

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

  • EFT (Tapping)

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Family Strategic Intervention

My neuropsychology training has led me to structure my sessions to be both informative and educational. I believe it is important for children to understand the reasons why they need to modify or change their behaviour, so that they can form a connection between their mind and body. Rather than simply instructing them to do something, I strive to ensure that they are aware of why it is necessary.

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About Me

I often wonder how different our lives would be if our parents invested in our mental well-being as much as they did in our academic success.


Having experienced, firsthand, young men and women suffering from severe mental illness, I began to explore why this was now so common. What I found is that most of the challenges occurred in childhood, and these young individuals did not have the tools to deal with them. Subsequently, I established my business Wings Wellness, a one-stop shop that specialises in all aspects of a child's mental health.

Kids Solution Therapist
Client Reviews 
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Paul, Father to 12-year-old

My son was suffering from anxiety, we tried other treatments but nothing seemed to work. Katerina was able to help with this and he has greatly improved. Thank you

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Nicole, Mother to 8-year-old

Katerina has helped my eight-year-old daughter with her confidence and self-esteem by giving her tools and strategies specific to her needs, that she uses today and I believe she will continue to apply them throughout her life.

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