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Holidaying at Home this Summer? Tips on how to Staycation.

While most of us were home for a restriction-free 2022, most travel is still off the cards. So now is the time to get creative with your kids, so you all can still enjoy a well-deserved break. Here are some tips for how to holiday at home with your kids this summer and still make it feel like you are having a bit of a getaway!

Block out time in the family calendar to have your "Staycation"

Block out the holiday in your family calendar. If you're working, this means officially book the time off. Mentally writing down that you are taking a break can help in the days leading up, your body will prepare to shut down and you can build excitement for the upcoming relaxation you have planned.

Download a 'holiday countdown' app to add excitement for the up-and-coming break! If you have an Apple phone click and download the one below.

And just because there is no flight to catch doesn't mean you don't have a schedule to keep. In the days leading up, prepare for your holiday to help set the mood for the family.

Let your kids know it is their holiday too. This will allow them to prepare and get excited for the change in routine, let them think of things to look forward to, such as getting outdoors, or making crafts.

Create a holiday zone at home with decorations and luxuries

One reason we look forward to getting away is for a change of scenery. Start by a freshen-up for your home with a spring clean! If you have the time, watch Marie Kondo's 'Sparking Joy' series on Netflix, and apply some of her tips to help you transform your home into a clean space. Involve your little ones and make tidying up a game, the whole family can be involved in de-cluttering your home.

Once the space is clear, it's time to add decorations and touches to transform your home into a luxury escape. Create a play zone for the kids with a tepee or tent (indoors out outdoors), and a space of your own to relax in.

Buy a candle or diffuser with a light summery scent, lemongrass, or frangipani based scents always have a summery tropical vibe. Buy a nice big tropical house plant to bring the outside indoors. You could even go all out and turn the house into a boat or island.

Check out Kmart homewares for ideas.

Plan activities that are restriction friendly

Get some fresh air and go for a day out or a walk at your local beach or bush. Pack a picnic, take a scavenger hunt list with you.

If getting out is too hard right now and you would rather stay close to home, here is a list of more home based activities to try:

  • Have a games night with charades or your favourite family board games.

  • Watch a movie with an island vibe like Moana, or something else age appropriate.

  • Look up virtual tours online of Zoos and Museums – there are live streams and other adventures online offered from places all over the globe from London's Science Museum to San Diego Zoo.

  • Make a scavenger hunt in the backyard or go looking for bugs.

  • Plan meals for the holiday break and make or order exotic cuisine. You could even try a different cuisine every night. If your little ones love cooking, get them involved and make things you wouldn't normally make, you could even purchase a sushi kit, a pasta maker, or a gelato mixer.

  • Wear fancy dress/holiday clothes and pretend you are on a boat or island.

And don't forget, it wouldn't be a holiday without a trip to a spa. Recreate this experience at home and treat yourself to a comfy bathrobe and slippers, select candles, oils, nail polish, face masks, and mocktails, and have a DIY spa day!

No matter where you are this holiday we are sending you happy and healthy vibes for time with your loved ones.



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