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Why parents are taking their children to see a Child Life Coach.

Parenting can be tough to navigate, especially when your children are having a hard time. Providing access to a life coach for your child is the extra armour they may need to battle through their shadows and dark times.

As parents, we constantly question what we could be doing differently, or where did things go wrong? There’s only so much we can do with the knowledge that we have (or can google!). Sometimes, we can even be unaware of the struggles our children face. Our children have growing minds that are so complex, and when they hit a roadblock from things like the symptoms of mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, it can be really hard for our little ones to find the right tools to best deal with life struggles in their environment.

Studies show that over 75% of mental health problems happen before the age of 25, of those only 31% of young women and 13% of young men with mental health problems sought any help (BeyondBlue). With the challenges of the last couple of years, there is pressure on our mental health support system like never before.

There are steps you can take before going down the path of visiting a child Psychologist, gaining support for your family through early-stage and milder cases of mental health, by using a children’s life coach. But what does a life coach for a child do?

Our Wings Wellness coaching programs provide solutions for children and families who need mental health support, based on their whole being; their mindset, environment, nutrition, and physical activity.

Working alongside families to identify and understand what is happening for their children, we focus on effective ways of moving forward, offering tools and putting actions into place, dealing with immediate concerns, and also creating preventative building blocks so that next time around our children can better cope with whatever shadows they face.

Book in a free 30-minute consultation today, and find out how Wings Wellness life coaching for your child can help support your family.


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